Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Little Girl and the Wishing Well

celestial wishing well

A girl once lived near a wishing well.  The well had always called her.
And long she waited in curious ponderance but never allowed to touch the water.
Then, slowly, but surely as a waxing moon, our wide eyed doe grew beautiful
Where once had been a sweet-intentioned child grew a maiden of silk and sinew.

And still the well called
And still the girl was awed
Until at last a finger in the water;
Then beautiful toes and then all her.

And then did the tides dance inside her
And then did the maid understand
That the girl did deeply want a partner.
The well suggested she bring a man.

So, the maiden brought a boy or two to splash away in the pool there.
And play they did, with clumsy hands, the smell of sex  in the air.
And the days were impossibly short, and the words were milky and mild.
But the maiden, you see, was not a maiden.  The maiden's mind was a child.

And at last she brought a boy who, too
Had drunk deeply from the well he knew
And he tied her and bound her
Forced her ecstasy, and found her.
And of course, when he finished, he drowned her.

The death of innocence never seems, to me, to be gradual.  Innocence never dies in her sleep.  I imagine that is because she is so young.  Innocence never dies of SIDS.  Innocence never dies of a cancer we prepare her for.  There is no hospice for Innocence.  Innocence dies at the hands of a murderer, stabbing her as she lies upon the altar, confused but still, waiting; unwilling to believe that this could be the "real" ending.  We watch and stand around shaking our heads saying, "I told you so" and "I knew this day would come" without being able to stop any of it at all.

I never write anymore.  I wrote when I was innocent.  I wrote when I wasn't afraid of the well.  It seems, after innocence, I spend my time racing circles around my village so that I'd never have to see where my emotions lived.  I never went back to the well.   I don't believe anymore.  Pragmatism has no magic like innocence, but no one drowns you for being pragmatic.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Saga of the Blue Dress

Hello, darlings!  The following is a blog about two things: 1) knowing your body and 2) being daring.  I was very excited to be invited to a military ball with my hubby.  So, first thing's first, let's look at dresses!  I was overjoyed to find awesome deals on Amazon.  I thought to myself, "eh, I can send it back if I hate it."  So, I didn't labor too long with it, and I got myself this dress that I thought would be perfect!  Here's what it looks like.  precious, right?!

Wrong.  Observe.

If you are thinking to yourself, "oh, shit.  That's NOOOOT gonna work", then you are thinking what I was thinking.  So I prepare myself to send this horrible mess back.  No problem with returns, except, they have to go to KOREA.  oops.  I forgot to note that when I got the awesome deal.  So.... here's where the daring comes in.  I decide that I can 1) send it back for half the price I bought it for or 2) I can put on my Project Runway panties and see what I can rig.  Now that I've decided to rig it, I have to address WHAT changes could be made?  Now here's where the body knowing comes in.  I know I have boobs.  Big, round, lovely ones, and that I have a nice face, and that I have a big belly and legs.  So, what can I do to draw attention up to the face and boobs and away from the belly legs?

Step 1
Rip out a patch in the middle of the bodice so that I have two straps instead of a full upper bodice of the beaded part.  My mother was good enough to warn me that when I cut the beaded pieces out all the beading is interconnected and all that beading was going to fall off.  I didn't have the heart attack I would've had I not consulted with her.  Half the beading fell off and I sewed it all back on.  It looked like this.

Then I decided that if I moved the waist line up to an angled umpire waist, it would highlight the boobs, detract from the mess in the middle, and give me length.  I also cut some off the height of the bodice, it was practically up to my chin.  Here's the waist under construction.  

Here is the finished product!  I was so pleased!

And here I am!  I know I need a better pic (and actually, this pic still has pins in it even though the picture above is the finished product).  I just finished the hand sewing after this photo.  This, ladies, is why we try on things and learn about  how to dress our bodies.  Same dress.  Same measurements.  Same me.  Just (in my humble opinion) WAAAAY better for my body type.  And that is the saga of the blue dress.  Love to all!

More Updates.  Here are the Shoes

Here is the manicure (short nails because I play guitar.  Maybe if I get decent enough at it one day I'll blog about it ;)  )

And the hair before the makeup.

And the completed look closeup (need to fix my necklace.  oops LoL)

And a full length.  Had so much fun playing dress up!  Thank you for reading all about it :)