Sunday, August 1, 2010

Looking Up from the Bottom

So, I hate to leave things here on a slit your wrists awful kind of awful note as was my last entry. Thus, once I got cheery news, I decided to follow up!

Nicholas has an open house for his preschool today. He starts tomorrow! *gasp!* I really can't get over how big he's getting. He also made a huge poop in the potty today- not that you really wanted to know that unless of course you work at Kid Zone in which case you are ECSTATIC at the thought of not having to clean his stanky butt every day. Anyway, he's getting so big it's out of hand. I can see it now. Next week it'll be, "mom. Can I have $40 to take [ insert the name of some random hussy girlfriend who his mummy will simply despise ] to a movie? also, I need a check for my football uniform and the car keys. thanks."

Samuel John now whines "mama". no, he doesn't say "mama". He only whines it. It goes something like this "waaaahaahahah ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ah mamama whwaaaaaaaa brrrrrrr mamaamamamamama" I'm not sure this counts, but I'm going to say it does. He also is sitting up unassisted for short bursts now!!! I could not be more thrilled! I remember what a relief it was for me when Nick began sitting up. Soon he can ride in the cart at the grociery store, take a bath at the same time as his big brother, eat more food and therefore demand less boob juice, and generally be a bit more interactive. I'm pumped.

Mom and Dad are on there way and I have the house 3/4 cleaned. I will accept this and push forward with my buttload of errands.

Finally, I saved the very best news for last. I heard his voice today. He called. And I answered. And his strong, melodic, comforting, soul exhalting voice came over the wire. Funny how easy it is to take these sorts of things for granted when you lead a normal life. Makes me think of all the times I hung up on him or didn't answer just to piss him off. Now I anchor my phone in my bra and whip it out breathlessly with hope to hear him. He sounded sad. I hope he wasn't sad. Well, I guess I kind of hope he was a little sad. It is important that we miss each other. I tried my best to be upbeat and positive and sound happy. I don't want him to worry. Don't want him to have to think about me being a ninny at home. Between you and I, I sobbed wildly after we were done chatting. It was just such a relief to really really know he's okay. It made the miles disappear and I could feel him again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I suppose, and if that's true, I'm going to start spouting sonnets any day now, haha.

Well, that's all I had to say. Just wanted to perk things up.

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