Sunday, January 9, 2011

Circus Tricks

So I've been talking lately with my friends about depraved acts we women do in the bedroom to keep our men. I call them "circus tricks" and while I won't be outlining any of the details here, I thought it was worth the mention. I have been purchasing some "performance wear" for my circus tricks over the last few weeks because I will soon have the hubby back home. First I purchased 4 pairs of stiletto pumps and another of high wedge sandals- he's got a shoe thing. I also decided to bite the bullet and go to Victoria's Secret this evening. Now. When I was a 34A before the boob job and breastfeeding two children and immense weight gain, 40 lbs since I was 18 which was the last time I purchased from VS, I ranted about how Victoria's Secret was ridiculously overpriced and silly and the stuff wasn't even all that naughtty! I re-visited today because I now have curves, by which I mean fat, and breasts, and I can't seem to get anything to fit right, I have no idea what size I am, and they are having their semi annual sale. Let's just say i TOTALLY get why they are $50 a bra. and now. unfortunately. I am ruined for life. My circus tricks will now require performance wear from VS. wow!

Also, tomorrow I start school fulltime. 5 classes. I am excited but very nervous. I haven't been fulltime since 2006 or something, and of course now I have 2 children and a patriotically absent husband. Daycare plans are still under way. For now mom and dad are watching the boys. Wish me luck. I think I'm gonna need it!

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