Monday, June 13, 2011

Samuel says.....

Samuel says:
up, mommy, daddy, Jaeger, doggy, duck, quack, moo, baa, woof, ssss (as in snake says...), bubba (brother), EAT, night night, hi, bye bye, here you go, i did it, all done, yay, ball, water, juice, chicken, bok bok (for chicken noise), book, uh oh, fall down, eyes, pooo stinky (don't ask), poop, please, teeth, nana, pup (by which he means pop), bath, shoes, socks

Samuel does:
runs, throws, walks, climbs EVERYTHING, twists the doorknob in an attempt to open the door, brushes his teeth, tries very hard to put on his shoes, points to his nose, mouth, eyes and ears, waves hi and bye, hugs, kisses, watches potty habits very closely and takes off his pants, climbs up onto the stool, and tries to get the soap to wash hands, runs to hug you with arms up and open, takes his brother down like a football player by wrapping his arms around nick's legs, follows nick everywhere

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, and I'm sure this doesn't seem all that impressive. Samuel is 16 months old in four days, and I'm proud of him and think he's wonderful and fabulous- cuz I'm his Mama :) Anyway- what else.

School is making my head want to explode, and frequently I feel like I'm not going to get anything done or that I don't care at all whether I get it done. I got 4.0 last semester with five classes, but they were during a whole semester not summer. And I didn't have a husband with me, so I rarely had to make dinner, do my hair, work out frequently, organize anything based on anyone else's schedule, or make time to just hang out.

Having said that, I'm surviving. I've been at the gym 11 of the past 12 days, and I'm proud of that!

Nicholas is doing exceptionally well. He is thriving with his daddy back in his life, although he is still insecure when hubby leaves for any period of time. His birthday is coming up, and I have done little to no planning. Having said that- I did choose a venue and purchase a limited amount of invitations.

I'm going to throw a ridiculously fantastical graduation party- finances permitting. (assuming I survive the semester haha)

Nicholas says to me yesterday, "then what happens, mommy? Does it revert to its original size?" I 'bout fell out my chair.
Earlier that day he asks me, "Mommy, where's my soul? Is it in my head?" WHAT. ARE YOU KIDDING? My 3 year old wants to know what a soul is? How do I couch that concept in three year old terms, I'd like to know.

I have no idea where we're moving to. Career plans for hubby are stalled/changing. All I know is that after I graduate in August, we will likely move. Could be.... pretty much anywhere. Funny thing is- I'm not upset. Now if he tells me I'm going to Miami or Rochester or California, I'll be upset.

Meanwhile, Matthew and I are looking at our fourth wedding anniversary in a few days. Longest of my relationships by far. And we're still chugging along. His coming home has made me love him in a whole new way. I appreciate him more now. Recognize his value. Adore him a lot. Have no idea what I'm going to get him for our anniversary. A card....? LoL he's hard to buy for!

So that's the brief update for now. I guess I better go do some homework- crap.

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