Monday, April 29, 2013

Profound Conversations With a 5 Year Old

A friend of mine asked me if having kids was "worth it."  I started to try and describe some of the things that make it awesome, and then my guides channeled this for me.  Think of everyone you know who's a Mother or a Father- I mean, a good one, not a bipolar crack user or something- and think if you asked them, "What is THE most important thing in your life?" Think what they would answer.  Would more than 70% of them say, "My child" or "My children" without hesitation?  All of those people had some other thing to answer before becoming a parent, yet all those people have a new same response.  I'm not saying it is or it isn't worth it.  I'm saying "It's pretty damn powerful."  Here's a conversation I had with my Nicholas at quiet time tonight.

Nicholas: All people love themselves, right, Mommy?
Me: Hmm.... well... that's a very good question.  All people were created perfectly by God- made just exactly as He wanted them to be.  So when a baby is born, I think it instinctively loves itself in the interest of survival as soon as it learns what love is.  The problem seems to come as a person gets older.  You see, bad things happen.  Life is so hard.  Sometimes people begin to believe that the bad things happen because he or she is a bad person.  So more bad things happen, and the person believes even more that he or she is bad, that he or she deserves bad things, and then that person demands and commands less of life believing they are not good enough for a special magical life, and it becomes worse.  It's very sad.
Nicholas: I love myself.
Me:  I love you, too.  I love myself, too.  Would you like to know what one of the hardest lessons is for people like you and me?
Nicholas: People who love themselves?
Me: Yes.
Nicholas:  Yes.  What's the lesson?
Me: The lesson is this.  You and I realize that we are good people.  We like ourselves and we know that we are awesome, but we also know that we fail and that there are things we are not good at, things we must try harder at.  For some reason, you and I just already understand that.  And you will meet people in your life who you really like.  You will see the good and amazing things about them that God has put inside him or her.  But that person won't see that they are good and won't love and nurture themselves the way they should.  And you will think that you can fix them.  But do you want to know the truth about people who don't love themselves?
Nicholas: Yes.....
Me: You can't fix them.
Nicholas: I can't?
Me: Never.  There are only two people who can fix someone who doesn't love himself.  They are 1) That person.  That person must realize that they are beautiful and worthy and special and learn to treat themselves well and acknowledge the good things about them even if it's painful.  Do you know who the other person is who can fix them?
Nicholas: God.  God can fix anyone.
Me: ****BIG SMILE****  My love, we all come into this life because there are lessons that our souls need to learn here on this Earthly Plain.  It seems to me that you know so many already.  Far beyond your age.  I don't know what your soul's purpose is for this life, but I can tell you this- it's BIG.
Nicholas: I'm pretty cool.
Me: ****BIG SMILE**** let's say our prayers.  I love you, kid. 

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