Saturday, August 22, 2009


Okay this is the second time I've typed this blog entry. My fingers are absolutely not used to where they are supposed to go on this laptop. I keep opening up shortcuts and deleting whole passages that I didn't even intend to highlight. I'm trying not to throw it out the window- but...

So I went to bed at 8 last night. it was fantastic, and I think I want to follow up with a repeat performance tonight. Yesterday I was emotional, out of breath, and apparently exhausted. All the sleep really made a difference in my disposition today, that's for sure. So I went to pilates this morning and didn't even work up a sweat which was disappointing. I know, however, that I will be sore tomorrow so that's good.

I'm beginning to understand why they're called the terrible twos. Nick really made me a little crazy today. So crazy in fact that the story i'm about to tell almost didn't happen because I felt like I shouldn't have taken him to the Y's Adventure Center considering how he was acting. Then the good advice fairy in the form of my mommy dropped in, and I decided to take him.

The adventure center is a totally padded indoor playground with lots of stackable shapes and blocks and a giant "mountain" slide. After convincing my tear-filled baby to come in with me (he thought i was dropping him off at child watch again), we arrived around 5P. Then I notice whom the attendant was. Great. The attendant is this girl I have a bit of a personal problem with.

Let me pause to fill you in on the background. A few weeks ago, I took Nick to the Y for them to watch him while i went to my first OB appointment. This girl- we'll call her Cynthia- was managing child watch. She grumpily gathered my information, thrust my bracelet at me, abruptly informed me of what I needed to know, opened the gate and shuffled my child in. No smile. No hello. Nothing. Nicholas was a bit lost that morning, and as I left I peered in the window. There was my most precious treasure standing in the middle of the room holding his blanket and sucking his fingers. He looked lost, afraid, and overwhelmed. She ignored him and tended to some matter of administrative work that apparently needed to be done. I was so angry! I felt like "why the hell are you working in child watch if you don't like kids?!" Long story short, I resolved that if i ran into that situation again I would report her ass to the highest authority and respectfully request that they ask her to pretend like she cared about children when dealing with me and mine.

So anyway, here I was face to face with her again. Snarl. There was one other family playing and we all got along fine until that family left. There we were- Nicholas, myself, and Cynthia. And then the strangest most wonderful thing happened. We began to chat. Cynthia knew Nick's name without me even telling her. She knew how he's a gear head and loves anything with wheels. She knew that he can count to twelve. We began to chat about her nursing school and how she wants to work at St. Jude's. We talked about dealing with kids on a daily basis and all kinds of things. I cannot tell you how glad I was that I was too busy that last time I saw her to report her. She's a very sweet girl with a great big heart. She's only got one year of nursing school left before she's a registered nurse. All this to say that I turned an adversary into a friend. I can't wait to drop Nick off at Childwatch with her this week. I'm confident that she will say hello to us both and that she will make my little cherub feel as special as he is.

In other news, I've got to read my Love and Logic book again. I think I'm getting lazy and need to remind myself of some key concepts because my child went from super angel to psycho brat in about two months. Now granted he's not a psycho all the time. Not even most the time, but I just feel that we will both lead happier more fulfilling lives if Mommy is pleased. You know?

Also- I was wrong about the date for my first ultrasound. It's tomorrow!! So I hope to have a happy report for you about child watch for Nick and also some first pictures of our little pollywog (who is the size of a lime this week :) )

More later!...

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